These people might say that they are against what we do and who I am, but I refuse to be against them. I refuse to protest protestors. I will not be opposed to the opposition. I will not antagonize the antagonist, nor hate on the haters. I am not at all against them — in fact, I am for them. I am rooting for them, praying for them. I honestly love them! They are flawed, beautiful, hopeful, hopeless people just like me. jon foreman
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"I’ve always known that life is a story - it’s the changing I fear. And i hate that i fall in love with those who leave. I am the reverse traveller. I am a home base sending postcards when my lovers need no reminders of home; I never learned to love somebody who wouldn’t leave. And in that, I bereave myself from loving entirely, because you cannot love what is away until it has not been; this is my flaw, and now my nadir.¬†

There is danger in knowing who you are, because knowledge must be owned or refuted, and I feel it’s far too soon to say who I am! Why live in labels, but for comfort? I am unsure, and this is another chapter that I would not want to share, because who could care?¬†

I’m climbing from the canyon, but I’m slipping; I need to know that there’s a rope, and that’s why faith and love come hard. I need a hand but will not reach to take it and I know it and I don’t know why.

Winter seeps in my windows. My feet get cold and so I write a poem about cold feet, to be clever and to hide and pretend what isn’t is. But there is no making in pretending. I am.”


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i get very emotional at the prospect of teaching people about what i am passionate about

heart flutters 

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And if you're lucky...

You too can own a condo in Mission, in Calgary, AB! All you need is a good attitude, and eight million dollars

Remind me why I live in this city

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